A jilted Houston socialite topples an empire in her search of revenge. 


After ten years of research and editing, the most significant message of my writing career is here. Scheduled for release 6/12, the anniversary of Medgar Evers' assassination, the story details early events that helped shape our current society.

It exposes the anger, terrorism, and inhumane treatments that have been practiced for decades without punishment or much concern here in the land of the free. A war that few understood or seemed to agree with, that left families grieving for lost loved ones, and those who returned with burdens no man should have to carry. More importantly, it illustrates the dangerous undertaking many experienced for rights that were freely granted others, and the help they received from very unlikely sources.


Susan's promotion takes her from the safety of her family to 

Houston, where pressure from employees and a crusading minister make life more than miserable. She soon learns to deal with ascent up the corporate ladder...and a significant tug on her hearstrings.


Joan Early


A timid young woman falls in love with the handsome doctor next door. Fangs replace shyness when another woman tries to push her aside.


Lacey opens an equestrian camp on land inherited from her

Native American grandfather. Competition and a riding instructor

with a burr under his saddle prove both painful and rewarding.

I wrote this story after first witnessing the vineyard's natural

beauty, and the strong Native American presence. Both are

present in the story of two people fighting crippling demons.



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              SARA'S REWARD

After learning of her husband's infidelities, Sara leaves her mansion on the hill and returns to the comfort of her aunt's arms and a house full of stranger.  Most notable is the young man whose antics try her patience...and finds a warm spot in her heart.

I love to read.  From Steinbeck to Lee Child to D. H. Lawrence to...the list is endless. 

I also love to write. Family sagas. Historical fiction. Contemporary romance. Many say writers should have a set genre, but my ideas stem from my life and loves, which is as varied as my ethnically enriched background. The stories I was told as a child got me started. People, travels, events, sadness, pain, and joy keep me going, as does the authors I've come to love. 

I read for entertainment and enlightenment, and write with the same intentions. I find characters, or they find me, from many venues. Their stories keep me awake and lull me to sleep. Readers, I hope you enjoy the exploits of the funny, sad, troubled, and happy souls from my life, my loves, and my imagination.

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